UFDS Mentoring

Cultivating the next generation of competitive programmers

Completely free mentorship

We help aspiring competitive programmers, providing them the resources and mentorship that lifts them to the next level.

Incredible results

Last year, we helped 16 competitors qualify for IOITC. All of our mentees improve considerably.

Experienced Mentors

Our mentors have IOI, APIO, IOITC, and INOI experience, ensuring that you learn from qualified participants.

Supportive community

Surround yourself with a like-minded passionate community that enriches you.

What we offer

If you join the program, you'll receive tons of excellent benefits, including:

Exclusive access to curated and handcrafted resources

Handpicked problem sets

Productive discussions and analysis after contests

Suitable recommendations for similar problems

Supportive debugging assistance

Effective sessions to teach and discuss classical techniques and problems

Register for UFDS 2022

If you think you'll benefit from mentorship, feel free to apply by clicking the "Register" button below. We'll get back to you within a couple of weeks with a server invite link.